9 Foods That Surprisingly Have Very High Amount Of Sugar

4206333_ml  We all know that sugar can be found in copious amounts in certain foods, but there are still a few surprises as to which foods contain seriously high levels. Of course the problem is that the actual amount of sugar is often hidden, so we can easily be consuming more sugar than we actually realize. So, to prove this point here are some foods that surprisingly have very high amount of sugar.


Milk is good for us thanks to the level of calcium that is in it, but it is also very high in sugar. In a typical serving you are looking at approximately 12g of sugar. Do yourself a real favor by limiting yourself to around one glass of milk per day or you are going to be able to get a large percentage of your daily intake of sugar just by drinking milk.


So many people love coleslaw, but fewer people are aware of the amount of sugar that is in the average serving. If we use one cup as a serving size, then you can expect 3.5 teaspoons in each cup. This is surprising for a number of people as they are not aware of the sweetness in most varieties and do not think that the cheaper versions will be worse as this amount of sugar is pretty standard.

Flavored Yogurt

Greek yogurt is well known for being a healthy food, but for your own sake you should always buy the un-flavored option because flavored yogurt uses a lot of sugar in order to really get that taste going. In a typical pot you can expect around 20g of sugar and that really is sky high for such a small amount of yogurt.

9 Reasons You Must Start Eating Fatty Foods


If you thought that eating fatty food was bad for you, then think again. New studies show that our body actually needs some fat to help it work at its optimum level although clearly this is something that has to be done in moderation. The chances are, that you will be rather confused as to how it is possible for there to be benefits, but there are as can be seen by these reasons you must start eating fatty foods.

You Have A Better Body Composition

By eating fat, you will be able to get most of your daily calorie intake from this one source and this has been shown to be effective in providing you with a better overall body composition. You need different types of fat for various reasons including helping your body to produce key hormones and it will also improve your metabolism. One other thing that is surprising is that eating healthy fats will actually help you to lose weight if done correctly.
It Can Decrease Your Chances Of Heart Disease.
This goes against what you have been told for decades, but if you eat a lot of beef, then you were previously told that it was full of fat. However, over half of the fat in beef is actually the same type of fat as is found in olive oil, and we all know how good that is for our body. What is clear is that if you can identify foods that contain monounsaturated fat, then you can boost your health rather than make it worse.

It Helps You To Put On Muscle

Eating fatty foods can help you to put on muscle. The reason for this is that, when it is the correct fat, it boosts the production of hormones and also helps with your recovery from working out. This, in turn, means that you will get more from your strength training and see results in a shorter period of time.

It Fills Without You Feeling Deprived Of Food

When you know that you are eating the correct type of fat you will then see how you benefit from feeling full without feeling as if you have been missing out on food. This does mean that it becomes easier to lose weight as you eat smaller portions and still get the same amount of nutrients and goodness. Most people put on weight by simply overeating, so at least by doing this you avoid that particular problem.