9 Signs Your Lifestyle Is Super Unhealthy


It is fair to say that we can live vastly different lives and while some of us are very aware of health and doing things to stay healthy, there are others that do the opposite. However, somewhere in between is a group of people that are blissfully unaware of how unhealthy their lifestyle actually is and this is a problem as how can you fix it when you do not know that there is something wrong? So, keeping that in mind, these are some signs your lifestyle is super unhealthy and how you can go ahead and change it.

You Have Sleep Issues

How well you sleep is actually a sign that your lifestyle, and health, is pretty good. What that means is that the opposite is also true, so if you are not getting enough sleep or it is erratic and of poor quality, then there is a good chance that your lifestyle is indeed pretty unhealthy. It points to you being too stressed and, in turn, your body is producing too much of a hormone called cortisol. Too much of this can lead to all kinds of health issues, so de-stress and improve your quality of sleep.

You Snack When You Are Not Hungry

This might sound like you are trying to save time by just snacking when it is most convenient, but doing so when you are not hungry means that you are storing up trouble for yourself. Doing this will often lead to you skipping meals and your body needs to have fuel on a regular basis to help you maintain a healthy weight and for it to not go into survival mode. If you eat in this way, then you are making life harder for yourself.

8 Unhealthy Things You Must Stop Putting In Your Coffee

Millions of people need their morning shot of coffee just to get going in the day and this is a fact that has made this warm beverage so popular around the world. However, for some people just having coffee is no longer enough and that has led to a whole host of strange and not so wonderful things being added. The bad news is that they do tend to not actually be that healthy and here are some things you must stop putting in your coffee before it gets too much for your body.


Yes, there are a growing number of people that are actually adding salt to their coffee and your first reaction should be asking yourself why on earth they would want to do this. They say that it reduces the bitterness of the coffee and some companies include it in the brewing stage whilst others prefer to add it themselves. However, you should perhaps remember that there are various types of coffee beans, so perhaps just try one of the others and see if it is more suitable to your taste buds. You also need to remember that the last thing that we generally need to have in our diet is more salt as it is in everything else that we eat, so perhaps avoid it with your coffee.

Artificial Sweeteners

This might surprise a number of people as artificial sweeteners are often regarded as being a healthier alternative to sugar, but they are not as healthy as you think. Instead, they are now seen as being potentially responsible for an increase in obesity, high blood pressure, and even diabetes. Saccharin and Aspartame are seen as the real bad boys in the world of artificial sweetener, so avoid loading your coffee with it or you could be storing up a lot of trouble for the future.

8 Amazing Things Our Ancestors Did To Be In Shape



  If you thought that our ancestors would be bored and just sit around, then think again. Instead, a number of the things that we do in the modern world have their origins in ancient times. This is often surprising because we think that sports such as soccer or golf are relatively new, but that is not the case. While they may not be identical to what we do today, they are at least similar as this list of amazing things our ancestors did to be in shape will show.


There are drawings on tombs in Egypt that date back to 1850 BC that appear to show people wrestling. Of course they were working hard on a daily basis doing physical things in order to just survive, but they then put those muscles and general fitness to great effect by taking part in wrestling bouts. A number of the moves that are used in the modern day version actually have their roots back to Egypt, so this is one thing that has certainly not changed that much.
The oldest ski in the world comes from Russia and it has been dated to around 5500 BC. There are other skis from ancient China that date back to 3000BC, so it does seem to be the case that this was a more popular hobby than we perhaps realized. However, we need to remember that it was more about getting from one place to another rather than a sport, but of course skiing really does work a number of muscle groups, so it would have certainly helped to keep them in shape.


Most people already know that the Olympics have their origins in ancient Greece and it is accepted that athletics has its roots in 800 BC. This is when events took place and people really began actively training for the games, but the ancient Greeks were crazy for the perfect body as you can see in their sculptures. Clearly working out was a key part of their society and they certainly knew how to get in shape. The first Olympics focused entirely on running leading up to a single race across the stadium. However, it then became more popular leading to further events being added and it developing closer to something that is more similar to what we have today.

9 Highest Calorie Dressings You Better Stop Using


There is no doubt that a dressing can add so much to a salad and there are a whole host of delicious options that are out there for you to choose from. However, if you are focusing on your health it is important that you pay close attention to certain details because a dressing can be rather deceptive with calories as well as sodium levels and even fat. So, keeping that in mind, these are the highest calorie dressings you better stop using, if you are serious about looking out for your health.

The Ranch Dressing

This is of course very popular, but ranch dressings are in general pretty unhealthy. Take the example by Hidden Valley. It has 140 calories and 14g of fat per serving and that is pretty much standard for this type of dressing. The vast majority of the calories that you consume with this dressing comes purely from fat, so if you do love the taste of it, then make sure that you go for the low-fat option to see a huge change in the calorie count.

Ken’s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch

This dressing might be creamy, but it is also full of fat. You are typically looking at 20g of fat per serving and 180 calories and that is a crazy amount for something that is supposed to be as simple as a dressing. This version also has 280 milligrams of sodium and that is not going to do your body any good considering the amount of salt you will be consuming on a regular basis with the rest of your diet.

Wish-Bone Thousand Island Dressing

Thousand Island dressing has long been a favorite for salad lovers, but it is also one of the unhealthiest dressings on the market. This version by Wish-Bone is higher than a number of others with 130 calories per serving and 12g of fat along with 330 milligrams of sodium. Yet again you should try using a low-fat option, but the sodium level is still going to be quite high even with the slimmed down version.